As FABRE ELEVATOR , we are aware of that how the quality, the product safety,the continuity of the quality, the customer satisfaction , the consistency to the sector are important in our sector in which we supply elevator parts and equipments . Starting from these essentials:

  • to produce economic and active solutions by perceiving the customer needs and expectations well
  • to provide the continuity of our reliable firm image by keeping our line on the quality and on the principles we promise
  • be ready for the changing market circumstances and customer expectations and form the change in the sector
  • with the development-led , to enhance the competence of our employees by training ,by raising awarness and by sharing information with them and to develop them
  • to share all the values tangible or sentimental we gain with all of our employees
  • in our works, to never make concessions on the principles of health, life safety, public peace, protect the environment and basic public values
  • to plan and make the necessary changes by revising our management system according to the developments

These principles reveal the quality and life safety policy of our corporation.